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Android Robo is a futuristic dream come true for all technology lovers. Offering Robotic Education to School students over 8 years in an approach which has been highly unique and practical hands-on since we trained 170000 learners across 170 schools till date makes us proud as well that being first Indian concern who have got their own product

Simple Investment – Huge and Quick ROI

Benefit to the Students

Observation Power

Attending robotic courses can help increase your observation power. This is because you will learn how to program and operate robots, which will help you better understand their movements and behaviors.

Thinking Ability

Robotic education can help students increase their thinking ability. This is because when they are exposed to robotic tasks and activities, they learn how to think critically and solve problems.


Attending robotic courses can help to increase creativity in students. This is because the courses introduce students to new and innovative ways of thinking, which can then be applied to their school work.

Our Successful Business Models
and their Financials


Brand : Android Robo
About the model

We Tie-up with the Schools and educate all the students from 3rd to 9th on Robotics, with our own teacher, robotic materials, book materials and curriculum.


It's a B2B based Highly Profitable model as it covers a huge volume in one entity.
Also the Business is renewable year on year.


Brand : Robo Station
About the model

Parents shall directly send the students to the centre for a one to one deep education on Robotics.


It's a B2C based model. We charge around Rs. 5000 / student.


Brand : Robo Box
About the model

Parents shall buy Robotic Kit Box for the kids so that the kids shall use the Kit Box at will at home.


Level 1 Kit Box shall be sold at around Rs. 14000

Franchise Model, Cost and return

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Roles of the Franchisor
and Franchisee


- Invest
- Train
- Guide/Support
- Share


- Recruit
- Get Trained
- Market
- Manage

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